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Portfolio & Case Studies:

Rare Disease Article K-Means Cluster Analysis

Why are rare disease articles hard to retrive from PubMed? If disease names are not in title, what words are? What can be done to improve article retrieval? This project goes over building and testing a k-means cluster and an interactive cluster visualization.

Tableau Visuals

A few selected example dashboards and reports in Tableau. A Sankey visualization showing Titanic survival by embarkment, a dashboard showing bank social media sentiment analysis results, and a hexbin map that shows the 2010 Census US population.

Movie Sentiment Analyzer: Movie review in, sentiment of your review out.

This app lets you enter a movie rating and using an out-of-core classification algorithm, determines whether your review is positive or negative, and with what probability. Can it guess how you REALLY feel?

Let's Build a Data Warehouse: A Case Study

Part I: Project Management/Data Modeling

This section covers the project-planning and design of the DWH and covers each step in the waterfall method: feasibility study, requirements gathering, design of model, architecture of DWH, etc.

Part II: Creation of Databases and Tables; Initial Load ETL

This section focuses on creation of databases and tables and the ETL processes that are needed to initially fill the warehouse.

Let's Build a Data Warehouse : Power BI Visuals

In the Let's Build a Data Warehouse project, we went through the four phases of building a warehouse. Here, we look at the visuals that result from the warehouse.