I was born and raised in rural Arizona. I was fortunate enough to grow up playing in dirt and mud, and running wild in the high desert, before spending much of my adult life in Tucson and Phoenix.

I first became interested in data science when I took a second semester of statistics, which focused on modeling and regression analysis. The professor had emailed me after the final project—in which one was to collect data, form a hypothesis, then build and test a final model—and said it was one of the best projects he had seen. I had a blast with the project and decided I would pursue data science. I changed my major from economics to math and applied to Indiana University for their Master of Science Data Science program.

My Career Path:

  • Spent 18 months at Indiana University studying machine-learning, big-data applications in Hadoop and Spark, semantic web technology, and data governance.

  • Went to work at Infor, Inc. as a Data Scientist and Reporting Project Manager, where I picked up skills in data warehousing, reporting and building data marts on a Microsoft BI stack. I also did NLP and text analysis, which led to a reduction in a particular software's customer service calls by 24%.

  • Most recently, as a freelance Data Scientist and BI Developer, I have been helping businesses gain insight from their data and find solutions with data science and business intelligence.

In my spare time—when I am not learning about tech and programming that is—I am an avid reader. I enjoy off-roading and tinkering with cars. Soon I will be looking to find a new project car to work on. Right now it looks like it might be a 1963 Ford Galaxie.