I was born and raised in rural Arizona and fortunate enough to grow up playing in dirt and mud, and running wild in the high desert, before spending much of my adult life in Tucson and Phoenix.

I first became interested in data science when I took a second semester of statistics, which focused on modeling and regression analysis. The professor had emailed me after the final project—in which one was to collect data, form a hypothesis, then build and test a final model—and said it was one of the best projects he had seen. I had a blast with the project and decided I would pursue data science. I changed my major from economics to math and applied to Indiana University for their Master of Science Data Science program.

My Career Path:

  • Spent 18 months at Indiana University studying machine-learning, big-data applications in Hadoop and Spark, semantic web technology, and data governance.

  • Went to work at Infor, Inc. as a Data Scientist and Reporting Project Manager, where I picked up skills in data warehousing, reporting and building data marts on a Microsoft BI stack. I also did NLP and text analysis, which led to a reduction in a particular software's customer service calls by 24%.

  • Worked as a freelance Data Scientist and BI Developer helping businesses gain insight from their data and find solutions with data science and business intelligence.

  • Currently I am working for Chenega Corporation as a Data Scientist. In this position I get to do all kinds of things like containerize Solr and Mongo, build a Kubernetes cluster, and develop machine learning and BI applications for the cloud.

In my spare time—when I am not learning about tech and programming that is—I am an avid reader. I enjoy biking, off-roading and tinkering with cars. Soon I will be looking to find a new project car to work on. Right now it looks like it might be a 1963 Ford Galaxie.