Portfolio & Case Studies

Rare Disease Interactive Cluster Analysis

Why are rare disease articles hard to retrive from PubMed? How can we improve retrieval? In this project, a cluster which lead to the development of a semantic web model is built from rare disease article titles. Read More>>>

Customer Churn ANN

The old business axiom of "it costs 7 times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep an existing one" is really what drives this project. If we can predict when a customer is going to leave, maybe we can take action to keep them. In this scenario, we have a bank that has account information for 10,000 customers, some of which have left the bank. Can we use the account details: CreditScore, Geography, Gender, Age, Tenure, Balance, NumOfProducts, HasCrCard (Does the customer have a credit card?), IsActiveMember, and EstimatedSalary to predict whether a customer will leave. Read More>>>

Let's Build a Data Warehouse : Power BI Visuals

A few example BI Dashboards and reports in Power BI that are based on the tabular model and data warehouse we created in the Let's make A Data Warehouse case study. Read More>>>

Tableau Visuals

A few example BI Dashboards and reports in Tableau. Read More>>>

Out-of-core Sentiment Analyzer

Enter a movie review and get a best guess at whether your review is positive or negative.Go to app...>>>