Some Visualizations in Tableau

Bank Sentiment Dashboard

In this visualization, I used data scraped from Twitter. I searched twitter for the keywords: "Bank of America", "Chase bank", and "Wells Fargo Bank". I then used Python to clean and analyze the data. I used Got3 to get the Tweets, my own tool to clean the data, and VaderSentiment to assign a sentiment score to each tweet. The outcome was then visualized in a couple histograms and packed-bubble charts. The python code can be found here.

Titanic Survival Sankey

The Titanic Survival data set is one of the most popular datasets in data science and analytics. Why? I think it is because the dataset allows for various complex analyses, and it is generally a fascinating dataset to explore. In this Sankey visual, we explore passenger survival based on where the passenger embarked onto the ill-fated RMS Titanic.

US Census Population Map (2010)

This dashboard shows the US Census data from the last census in 2010. We use hexbinning here to concentrate the points of interest and highlight the details we need. See if you can pick the major cities out.